Spades & Vermyllion ‘Coalesce’ For Wonky New Original

Chicago-based bass producer Vermyllion is back with a new collaboration with Spades on April 1st. ‘Coalesce’ provides the perfect fusion of their respective styles and talents. The track builds slowly and steadily creating a supernatural aesthetic with hints of the heavy bass that lies ahead. The build feels like a spaceship blasting off before throwingContinue reading “Spades & Vermyllion ‘Coalesce’ For Wonky New Original”

TME Approved: The FifthGuys & David Persson – W.Y.L.I.G.

Giacomo & Stefano formally known as Italian duo The FifthGuys, created their bond through high school where they both had a strong passion for music. The two have been taking on the music industry for a few years now, combining over 300,000 monthly on spotify alone. With their track W.Y.L.I.G with Daivd Persson they haveContinue reading “TME Approved: The FifthGuys & David Persson – W.Y.L.I.G.”

Xie unleashes new Tribal driven single Jungle Juice

LA-based producer, DJ, singer, & multimedia artist Xie debuts “Jungle Juice,” the first single from her forthcoming freshman EP Art & Money, releasing independently with Create Music Group. Xie has created an atmosphere where you can just picture yourself at a house party, with the tribal like beat and aggressive pitched synths. Jungle Juice hitsContinue reading “Xie unleashes new Tribal driven single Jungle Juice”

Juuku takes on another hit with new single To You

The mysterious producer Juuku has never failed to impress us, being one of the most underrated producers coming up. Bringing some of the biggest tracks to the table, while also releasing on some of today’s leading labels and taste-makers. His new single is among the ones at the top of our list, “To You” isContinue reading “Juuku takes on another hit with new single To You”

STO CULTR release chilling new single Lion Mode

STO CULTR have had a big year with releases Rush and now newly released Lion Mode. Creating an atmosphere that sets you into a relaxing trance, STO CULTR takes you on a journey through an amazing 3 minutes of heaven. Releasing again on UMG / ESL label Enter Records, you know its going to beContinue reading “STO CULTR release chilling new single Lion Mode”


BAER is a multicultural Pop artist based in Los Angeles. Born in Taiwan and partially raised in Canada, BAER’s music has a style that transcends cultural and stylistic boundaries. BAER left her home in Taiwan and moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of her dreams. She began working with notable vocal producer and songwriter DavidContinue reading “BAER – SALINA (feat. JVZEL)”

PREMIERE: KXA – Into Your Arms (feat. Chæ)

21 year old phenomenon KXA, has been a rising star in the industry by combining 70 million + streams in his career so far. He is known for his combination of heavy trap and melodic future bass, releasing many viral remixes on the likes of Trap Nation. Today he has returned with an absolute bangerContinue reading “PREMIERE: KXA – Into Your Arms (feat. Chæ)”

Tropic Harbour x Katie Laine – ‘Oh No’

This release definitely kicks off with the classic old-school radio effect, which definitely takes us back to the good old days. Katie Laine’s voice almost takes you off your feet with her majestic harmonics, combined with Tropic Harbour’s soothing melodies and beats. Oh No is going to be the perfect release for that summer driveContinue reading “Tropic Harbour x Katie Laine – ‘Oh No’”

Crywolf teams up wit Mielo for breath-taking remode of DRIP

Crywolf has been a major inspiration to many up and coming producers and one of them being Mielo. The first release in the series is a synth-heavy, 80’s-inspired “DRIP” remix from Chicago-based producer, Mielo.  Mielo recently served as opener for Crywolf’s shows in Los Angeles, Dallas and Denver, providing the perfect musical compliment to Crywolf’s cinematic shows. Mielo’sContinue reading “Crywolf teams up wit Mielo for breath-taking remode of DRIP”

Introducing Sto Cultr: ESL Birmingham 2019 soundtrack holders

Members, Julimar Santos, Eric Turner and Carl Björsell met collaborating as songwriters for major artists and decided to join forces, and make something really special. The fusion of Turner’s classical and indie vibe with Santo’s blue urban perspective weaved into stories and poetry accompanied by Björsell’s sublime artistry. Realizing quickly that they had found something veryContinue reading “Introducing Sto Cultr: ESL Birmingham 2019 soundtrack holders”