TwoCan – Under My Skin (ft. Kyan Palmer)

Two Can has just released his latest dance anthem, teaming up with singer/songwriter Kyan Palmer to craft a summer-ready release with ‘Under My Skin’. The two artists perfectly display their best qualities in the tune, combining stellar production with infectious toplines. ‘Under My Skin’ starts off with groovy basslines and soothing atmospheres before the buildupContinue reading “TwoCan – Under My Skin (ft. Kyan Palmer)”

TME Approved: The FifthGuys & David Persson – W.Y.L.I.G.

Giacomo & Stefano formally known as Italian duo The FifthGuys, created their bond through high school where they both had a strong passion for music. The two have been taking on the music industry for a few years now, combining over 300,000 monthly on spotify alone. With their track W.Y.L.I.G with Daivd Persson they haveContinue reading “TME Approved: The FifthGuys & David Persson – W.Y.L.I.G.”

Midoca shows pure emotion with his Dry Rose EP

This marvellous 5 track EP from Modoca, has absolutely blown us away. Midoca’s story is rooted in growth from start to finish. Written in moments of self-awareness, Dry The Rose is a soundtrack for change, and the pursuit of becoming oneself. Combining a root of mixed emotions and strengths of passion, this is an EPContinue reading “Midoca shows pure emotion with his Dry Rose EP”

Youthxx releases “New Frontier”, a catchy follow-up to October’s “Fire”

Youthxx’s new single “New Frontier” is a catchy, sing-along style anthem. From start to finish, the song radiates inspiration. Steven Mudd, the producer behind the “Youthxx” alias says the song was meant as his “personal rally cry to wake up, get up and change something”. Although ”New Frontier” is only the Los Angeles based producer’sContinue reading “Youthxx releases “New Frontier”, a catchy follow-up to October’s “Fire””