Midoca soothes us with new single I Can’t Keep Up With You

LA based producer and composer Chaz Treharne AKA Midoca, has always pleased us with his amount of soothing emotion he puts into his tracks. With artistic capabilities and talent ranging across a texturedsoundscape, Midoca euphoniously pairs ambient, layered productions with his own melancholy vocals – conveying pure, raw emotion within every fleeting bar.  I Can’tContinue reading “Midoca soothes us with new single I Can’t Keep Up With You”

STO CULTR release chilling new single Lion Mode

STO CULTR have had a big year with releases Rush and now newly released Lion Mode. Creating an atmosphere that sets you into a relaxing trance, STO CULTR takes you on a journey through an amazing 3 minutes of heaven. Releasing again on UMG / ESL label Enter Records, you know its going to beContinue reading “STO CULTR release chilling new single Lion Mode”

Tropic Harbour x Katie Laine – ‘Oh No’

This release definitely kicks off with the classic old-school radio effect, which definitely takes us back to the good old days. Katie Laine’s voice almost takes you off your feet with her majestic harmonics, combined with Tropic Harbour’s soothing melodies and beats. Oh No is going to be the perfect release for that summer driveContinue reading “Tropic Harbour x Katie Laine – ‘Oh No’”

ALIGN takes us on a journey with his stunning new EP Intertwine

ALIGN takes us on a journey with his stunning new EP Intertwine, which brings 5 beautifully made releases Embrace, Symmetry, Follow Me, Thought Patterns and Found. The EP kicks off with something magical, Embrace truly represents what everyone should do with this release. It give us goosebumps just listening to it, it combines the soundsContinue reading “ALIGN takes us on a journey with his stunning new EP Intertwine”

ALIGN sets us off on a relaxing journey with new single Follow Me

Chicago based producer James Fisher – better known as ALIGN, has been taking the scene by storm with his musical masterpieces. With his forthcoming Intertwine EP, he has shown what he is capable of and that’s just fully blown us away ! Picture relaxing on a hot summers day floating around your swimming pool orContinue reading “ALIGN sets us off on a relaxing journey with new single Follow Me”

LPACA & Brenda Eden express their soothing Fantasy

Hailing from the rustic city of Amsterdam LPACA has returned to the scene with their new single Fantasy, they have teamed up with Brenda Eden and all we can say is this is a godly combination. The mysterious producer has gained recognition from remixes for the likes of Childish Gambino, Flume and Esta and nowContinue reading “LPACA & Brenda Eden express their soothing Fantasy”

Manatee Commune executes new single Famous to absolute perfection

Everyone has the aspiration to be famous, to be the best, to be the greatest! Well… Manatee Commune has created the perfect track to inspire you to be exactly that! Manatee Commune (aka Grant Eadie) has made quite a name for himself in dance music since his debut three short years ago. A native ofContinue reading “Manatee Commune executes new single Famous to absolute perfection”