Roman Pearce’s Newest Release “Freedom” Will Have Listeners In A Daze

Producer; Roman Pearce has come out with his latest track “Freedom,” setting fans up for a trip to tropical paradise. With a reputation for peddling dreamy, chilled-out vibes through his music, “Freedom” is layered with lush production, empowered by a warm synth bass and gentle melodic embellishments. With vocals that are simple but powerful, PearceContinue reading “Roman Pearce’s Newest Release “Freedom” Will Have Listeners In A Daze”

Sarah Kabbani’s “Too Far Gone” Beautifully Fuses Club and Radio Sounds

Australian indie-artist Sarah Kabbani is refining her sound with the release of her latest single “Too Far Gone”. The track combines the tight, four-on-the floor drums beats and heavy bass-lines you’d expect from a club track with Kabbani’s polished pop vocals. Produced by Sam Lloyd and Sam Marynissen, the song’s stellar writing is enhanced byContinue reading “Sarah Kabbani’s “Too Far Gone” Beautifully Fuses Club and Radio Sounds”

Artist To Watch: Sapphire Adizes

After listening to Sapphire Adizes music one cannot help but be left with an impenetrable sense of intrigue. The Californian-based producer, though still much of an enigma, has experienced remarkable success, from joining the Chainsmokers in the studio to co-writing Berhana‘s EP with over sixty million Spotify streams at just the age of twenty. InContinue reading “Artist To Watch: Sapphire Adizes”

Artist To Watch: RetroVision

French producer and DJ RetroVision is quickly becoming the one to watch out for. In 2017 he made massive waves in EDM with releases Get Down, Cake and newly released EP Get Up. RetroVision has been picked up by one of the legends Don Diablo, taking him under his wing and pushing him to newContinue reading “Artist To Watch: RetroVision”

Artist To Watch: Spazz Cardigan

Louisville raised, now Nashville-based multi-talented artist and songwriter; Spazz Cardigan is one 2018’s most exciting up-and-coming writers in the indie pop scene. Spazz’s most recent single: “DOIDOIT” draws from his influences such as Nsync, Michael Jackson and Queen, in a collision of R&B, Hip-Hop and Pop genres mixed with various electronic and organic elements. “‘DOIDOIT’Continue reading “Artist To Watch: Spazz Cardigan”


Australian singer, songwriter and producer Trove exhibits an array of organic and electronic timbres, animated beats and expressive melodies, creating a captivating mood. Having learnt drums, guitar, piano and singing from early childhood, Trove has passionately entered into a territory where live instrumentation meets digital exploration. In the short time Trove has been active asContinue reading “ARTIST TO WATCH: Trove”


THIS WEEKS ARTIST TO WATCH IS: ARCANDO Marc Bandecchi formally known as Arcando, is an up and coming artist who is very quickly making his name known in the industry. He is already reaching hundreds of thousands of streams on his popular tracks such as No More and Is It Possible, gathering much deserved worldwideContinue reading “ARTIST TO WATCH: ARCANDO”


THIS WEEKS ARTIST TO WATCH IS: GIDEXEN Allan Lory aka Gidexen is a trap producer from the heart of Paris, he has made a fair few appearances on today’s leading trap channels, including Magic Music, Tribal Trap, and Trap Wolves. He has made many aggressive trap releases in his career so far, including one ofContinue reading “ARTIST TO WATCH: Gidexen”


          THIS WEEKS ARTIST TO WATCH IS: KVMO Poland based producer Kamil Pszczolka formally known as KVMO has taken the music industry by storm with his previous release “Me & You” featuring Helen Tess​ hitting 600,000 ​streams on spotify and wracking over 6 million​ on Youtube alone. Known for combining downContinue reading “ARTIST TO WATCH: KVMO”


This week’s ARTIST TO WATCH is: INZO If you didn’t already know who INZO was, you will soon. Mike Inzano, a.k.a INZO, is a 24 year old musician and producer from Chicago and has been into music since he was only 4 years old, learning instruments such as the piano and drums, which means that his live performances compriseContinue reading “ARTIST TO WATCH: INZO”