ELPORT Releases Club & Radio Friendly House Tune “RYDA” With pablø

Canadian DJ-producer ELPORT’s latest single “RYDA” with vocalist pablø is perfect for both the dance floor and casual listening. With the drop’s groovy house drums interacting perfectly with a powerful dance bass, even casual listeners will find it hard to stop themselves from nodding their head to the beat. Taking cues from the sounds of dancehall, ELPORT masterfully infuses organic plucks and forceful brass hits, creating the perfect mix of clubby house and catchy dancehall.

ELPORT’s already impressive instrumental production is enhanced by pablø’s smooth and radio-friendly vocals. “I’ll be your ‘RYDA,’ won’t you ride with me?” he asks, repeating the same phrase in each blissful chorus, and ringing in listener’s ears after. With “RYDA,” Toronto-based ELPORT shows that he deserves a spot as one of Canada’s largest DJ-producers.

Stream “RYDA” Here:

Czech Vibes Sound Brings Us Chilled-Out Good Lee & Jade Alice Collaboration “Kinstugi”

Chill electronic label Czech Vibes Sound has dropped its first official release, “Kinstugi” by Good Lee and Jade Alice. The emotional, yet empowering song features Good Lee’s signature organic sounds, similar to those commonly used by artists like ODESZA. Lyrically, Jade Alice’s vocals explore the theme of damage and recovery. The title, “Kinstugi,” reflects this theme well; it refers to the Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics, creating new works of art from “damaged” pieces.

According to Jade Alice, she was immediately inspired by Good Lee’s instrumental: “as soon as I heard Patrick’s track, I could feel every emotion he had put into it.” … “I really connected with this idea of healing, self-love, and forgiveness, of accepting our flaws and embracing them” Jade Alice says. The award-winning songwriting of Australian Jade Alice combined with the top-tier production of Austrian Good Lee is a recipe for success.  “Kinstugi” makes this especially clear.

Stream “Kintsugi” Here:


BAER is a multicultural Pop artist based in Los Angeles. Born in Taiwan and partially raised in Canada, BAER’s music has a style that transcends cultural and stylistic boundaries. BAER left her home in Taiwan and moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of her dreams. She began working with notable vocal producer and songwriter David “DQ” Quiñones (Beyoncé, Jason Derulo, Nicki Minaj, etc) and soon turned her bedroom into a pop hit factory, making her own songs with friends and vocal producing herself.

Teaming up with US singer / Songwriter JVZEL, the two have comfortably combined their two styles to create a soothing latino hip – hop release. JVZEL is proceeding quietly under the radar, as she continues to keep it interesting by creating art centred around self love & freedom, the two things that have propelled her this far. You can stream SALINA below.

“Salina” is a loose spanish slang word we created to mean ‘salty’ (the exact definition is a ‘big salt lake’). We wrote this song as an ode to our awesomeness, and how being confident in who you are will inevitably come with haters who are super ‘salina’! It’s a fun summer empowerment record. We filmed a music video where we enlisted a few other amazing empowered women, which will be released alongside the song.

32Stitches Shows Off His Production Skills With Latest Future Bass Remix

DJ-producer 32Stitiches’ latest booming future bass production comes in the form of a remix for Los-Vegas based Lucchii’s single “Chosen Ones.” In a complete 180 from the original track’s industrial, hard trap sound, 32Stitches chooses to showcase the vocals with an open, pop centered production. The verses are kept relatively minimal, supporting the radio-friendly topline by Canadian singer “DAD.” The track builds to a euphoric peak in the drop, which features groovy drums and pulsing chords.

With the creativity shown in his “Chosen Ones” remix, it should come as no surprise that 32Stitches has over a million streams to his name, with tracks like “Are We There Yet” and “Olympus” earning him fans from around the world and with many of his tracks released with heavy-hitter labels like Sony, UMG and NCS. Additionally, he’s had the opportunity to tour the world as a DJ, performing his tracks live alongside superstars like San Holo and DROELOE. Part of a 4-track remix pack released by Music High Court, in this particular remix, 32Stitches shows us that he’s constantly changing and improving his own style with new creative productions.

Stream “Chosen Ones (32Stitches Remix) Here:

Seersha Returns With Synthwave Beauty “Lecture Me”

With massive retro synthesizers and gorgeous layers of vocal harmonies, Seersha’s latest single “Lecture Me” is the sonic embodiment of freedom. It should come as no surprise then, that her name, Seersha, or Saoirse, means “freedom” in Irish.

The track itself takes on a bitter-sweet tone. The 80’s influenced synth-pop sounds she uses gives listeners a relaxed, laid-back feeling, but Seersha’s soaring vocals tell a different story: “Is this what you wan’t, to crush my spirit?” Seersha sings. It’s this slight incongruence between instrumental and vocal that makes “Lecture Me” truly stand out from the crowd. 

Just a few years ago, in 2016, Seersha was living in Nashville writing country songs for other artists. After deciding it was no longer for her, however, she made the daring move out of Music City and back home to Atlanta, where she wrote her first EP in just 3 weeks.

The EP quickly earned praise from some of the industry’s leading curators like Wonky Sensitive and yvynyl. But for the past two years there’s been nothing released under the Seersha alias, until now. With “Lecture Me,” Seersha makes her return in spectacular fashion.

Stream “Lecture Me” Here:

Tessa Violet Releases Blissful Pop EP “Bad Ideas (Act One)”

Tessa Violet’s debut EP “Bad Ideas (Act One)” is simple in the best of ways: all of the good and none of the bad. Opening with her debut single “Crush,” which saw massive worldwide success, Violet gives us two more unique tracks “Bas Ideas” and “I Like (The idea of) You, both of which have a simple, lighthearted throwback sound. Additionally, the EP gives listeners a remix version of each track, including Le Youth’s popular remix of “Crush”, which adds a thumping dance beat to the track’s blissful pop vocals.

Tessa Violet is wasting no time. Just recently kicking off her project, she’s already preparing for her first US headlining tour, which starts later this summer. She’s also been making her mark on the festival circuit, named by Billboard as one of their “top ten new festival artists to look out for in 2019.” With a unique but catchy pop style, Chicago based Tessa Violet is sure to be making big moves in the coming months.

Stream “Bad Ideas (Act One)” Here:

Mokita Drops Genre-Fusing 4201 EP On Armada

Nashville-based artist Mokita is truly a triple threat: he can write beautiful songs, sing on them, and produce them, all at an incredibly high level. In his latest EP, 4201, Mokita shows us the best of his signature style, combining the classic sound of acoustic guitars with the powerful sound of modern electronic production.

Tracks like “More Than Friends” and “Til I Don’t” show Mokita’s unique ability to create radio-ready pop hits on the spot, while “I Still Do” and “Inside Out” have a clear country influence. It’s this diversity that makes “4201” special: each of the EP’s six tracks have something different to offer. 

Mokita’s musical journey started at the age of six, when he picked up the piano. Since then, he’s worked hard to develop his own musical style – and he’s succeeded; but even after gaining millions of streams on his tracks, Mokita still makes the majority of them at home in his bedroom: “It’s cool to be able to create all the songs in the place you’re living; it just adds intimacy to the process of making music of his music at home in his bedroom studio.” says Mokita.

Stream “4201” Here:

GOLDHOUSE’s Dirty Bass House Track “Cardio” Will Make You Move

Raised in the city where house was born, Chicago based producer GOLDHOUSE flexes his production muscles with the release of massive bass house track “Cardio.” The energetic track’s tight drums and wobbly baselines invite listeners to get up and dance.

Although primarily a producer, GOLDHOUSE, who’s real name is Grant Harris, can do it all. He has strong ability across the board, with experience as a DJ, vocalist, and songwriter in addition to his already stellar resume as a producer. This diverse skillset has gotten GOLDHOUSE noticed by some of the biggest game in the music scene. He’s done production work on the songs of artists like Cheat Codes and MO. Additionally, his own project’s tracks have been released on prestigious dance labels like Armada and Spinnin’. With “Cardio,” GOLDHOUSE’s mastery of his craft is made even more clear.

Stream “Cardio” Here:

Invalyd & Becko Team Up For Punk-Influenced “Space & Time”

San Francisco based Invalyd and Italian Becko have released their latest energetic collaboration “Space & Time.” The production duo’s style is clearly influenced by the punk-rock sound that dominated popular culture in the early 2000’s. Becko brings his signature emo-punk vocals to the track, complimented by his and Invalyd’s modern future bass drops.

With “Space & Time,” Invalyd and Becko are confirming what we already knew: both are extremely talented at their craft. Invalyd’s tracks have been streamed thousands of times, as well as supported by A-list DJs like Laidback Luke and Armin Van Buuren. And Becko’s success has come from his wildly successful group XO Sad, which covers pop songs. Now, the two artists have come together to create their latest single “Space & Time.”

Stream “Space & Time” Here:

Olsen Jake Deliver Electro-Pop Infused Debut Single “24 Hours”

Swiss trio Olsen Jake have brought us a euphoric summer anthem with their debut single, “24 Hours.” Featuring the vocal talents of Brook Baili, the mesmerizing duet combines sparkling Coldplay style piano verses with Chainsmokers-esque synth beat drops. The ear-catching melodies and danceable productions of “24 Hours” inspires  and motivates listeners.

The members of Olsen Jake have a long history together: playing in bands with each other from a young age, so when they finally got together to form Olsen Jake, everything came naturally. Moving to the UK to develop their project, Olsen Jake show a commitment to their craft not often seen in emerging artists. Starting off strong with “24 Hours,” Olsen Jake is definitely an act to keep an eye on in the coming months and years.

Stream “24 Hours” Here: