AronMedia, a social media company striving 3 million followers on Facebook and more

Aron is 21-year-old from Beverwijk, The Netherlands, he has accumulated over 3 million followers on Facebook with his Podcast and Social Media company. His company Sugafly makes podcasts about horror stories (coming to all podcast platforms soon), Sleep and Relax sounds like rain to help you sleep and meditate because life is stressful for aContinue reading “AronMedia, a social media company striving 3 million followers on Facebook and more”

Artist To Watch: Arlow

Arlow is a 16 year old up and coming producer from Almere, Netherlands, appearing in “Metro Nieuws” one of Hollands leading newspapers. Arlow has risen to a professional level since from when he started at the age of 10. Arlow used to play around in Garageband experimenting his musical capabilities on his dad’s Imac everyContinue reading “Artist To Watch: Arlow”


Australian singer, songwriter and producer Trove exhibits an array of organic and electronic timbres, animated beats and expressive melodies, creating a captivating mood. Having learnt drums, guitar, piano and singing from early childhood, Trove has passionately entered into a territory where live instrumentation meets digital exploration. In the short time Trove has been active asContinue reading “ARTIST TO WATCH: Trove”


THIS WEEKS ARTIST TO WATCH IS: ARCANDO Marc Bandecchi formally known as Arcando, is an up and coming artist who is very quickly making his name known in the industry. He is already reaching hundreds of thousands of streams on his popular tracks such as No More and Is It Possible, gathering much deserved worldwideContinue reading “ARTIST TO WATCH: ARCANDO”