MUNDU is back with the quietly confident – ‘Brag & Boast’

Having discovered music at a young age, MUNDU started rapping and writing his own lyrics at the age of nine, before joining his local church choir where he began to hone his singing and live performance abilities. He also attributes his childhood to his varied taste, recalling how his home was always filled with music of different genres from all corners of the world. It was through this journey of both nature and nurture that he discovered his passion for music and MUNDU was born.

Inspired by artists from Pink Floyd and Thundercat to SZA, Coldplay and Pharell, it’s no wonder that MUNDU’s sound is so unique. Seamlessly marrying various elements from his influences with his own individual style and creative vision, MUNDU creates music that you won’t find anywhere else. Now, with his newest single, MUNDU is determined to show off his growth as an artist.

‘Brag & Boast’ follows MUNDU’s previous releases; Hana, a five-track long EP released in 2019 and the single ‘On My Ones’, released the year prior. Between projects, MUNDU has kept both himself and his audience busy by regularly dropping new music on his Youtube Channel; from acapella renditions of his favourite songs to cross-genre mashups and original material, all of which have gained him a loyal and ever-growing fanbase.

“Brag and Boast originally started as a freestyle celebrating the wins that I have experienced this year in the midst of the global pandemic, as well as the goals I am currently working to hit. Having first heard the instrumental by Kaelin Ellis (Lupe Fiasco, Virgil Abloh, Kaytranada) through a video that he posted on social media, I instantly fell in love with it and began writing the first verse with the video on repeat. Following that, I downloaded the instrumental and recorded the freestyle as a response.

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