Rocket League x Monstercat Vol. 4

Hugely popular phenomenon Rocket League, a game in which players compete to score goals against the opposition team using a vehicle has risen to becoming a household name in the last few years, available to play on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, macOS, Linux and Nintendo Switch currently. Their first collaboration with global EDM record label Monstercat was released on Rocket League’s second anniversary, and several standalone compilation albums have been released since. Volume 4 of this series has just dropped and contains some huge tunes.

The first track is a heavy drum ‘n’ bass track from hugely renowned UK producer and DJ Muzzy titled Horsepower, with neuro influences, that hits home extremely hard and will get you pysched up.

The second comes from InfectedMushroom, well known psy-trance duo from Los Angeles, USA, and titled Walking on the Moon, is one of the more chilled tracks on the album, focusing more on the vocals, main bass lead and percussion than producing a bass face from you.

#3 is from Darren Styles from Essex, and Gammer & Dougal both from Northampton, who came together to form a UK triumvirate of production. Burning UP goes from the intro into a powerful synth chord break, and then quickly into a fast-paced bass-house-trance fusion of filth.

The fourth account is by Monstercat mainstay Tokyo World, and is titled FLY. The track combines an original retro arcade sound with the usual bass vibe TW is known for.

Swedish producer Bossfight has given us Charge, a euphoric combination of bass house synth and vocal manipulation which creates a huge atmosphere and huge drop.

Contra, by Pixel Terror is the last track in the volume, and features vocals from Sara Skinner. A super smooth start to the track of subtle chords and Sara’s voice takes a turn, switching into a drop reminiscent of Rezz or 1788-L with punchy dark synths and washed out background noises.

Follow the artists on SoundCloud here:

Muzzy || InfectedMushroom || Darren Styles || Gammer || Dougal || Tokyo Machine || Bossfight || Pixel Terror

Published by Tom Wigley

20 year old Student, Producer, DJ, Writer & Curator from London, UK.

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