Artist to watch: LU2VYK

This week on our artist to watch series I have the pleasure of bringing LU2VYK to your attention. The French brothers Ludovic and Thomas are a self-taught electronic-music-producer-duo that base themselves in a chilled deep house environment creating laid back groovy tunes.

LU2VYK have released music with Scorpio Music, Radio FG ranked in the top dance charts in France on iTunes, have garnered the support of YouTube behemoth MrRevillz and have collected over 2 million streams online, so it’s safe to say they are making waves in the music sphere.

The duo are also regulars at Joïa Club in Aix-les-milles and at student party “IA” in Dock des Suds, Marseille, and play a lot in the South of France in general, so if you’re in that neck of the woods make sure to keep an eye out for their name on billboards.

Their latest release is a flip of Ultra Nate’s disco classic “Free”, with vocals from singer Jex, it is a modern revamp with more driving drums and a deep house bass added underneath the iconic guitar riff – make sure to have a listen.

Check them out here:

Soundcloud || Facebook || Instagram || Twitter || YouTube || Website

Published by Tom Wigley

20 year old Student, Producer, DJ, Writer & Curator from London, UK.

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