This week’s artist to watch is Revelries, a producer duo of two friends born and raised in Dubai, now based in the Netherlands, who’ve built a distinguished profile and reputation for themselves amongst scene, while stacking up an impressive stream count over the course of their last several releases.

Their most recent single, a rework of Portugal. The Man’s hit song “Feel It Still,” with Henri Purnell has amassed over almost 3 million streams on Spotify and Apple Music since its release earlier this year.

“It has been our biggest track so far. We and Henri have been in the same circle for a while and we got talking about a collaboration one day, we kind of just stumbled upon the idea of working on Feel It Still! Fun fact – the track was finished in less than a week!” – Abhinav (member of Revelries) on the success of their last single

In a fresh blend of house, pop and electronic-chill, the dynamic duo combine the stylistic features of various sub-genres to craft their own experimental, yet instantly appealing form of ear candy.

“To be completely honest, we’re still finding our sound. We love experimenting and I think that can be heard through our releases. The foundation however is always House.” – Abhinav

Revelries’ upcoming single “Infinitum” is due for release soon. We were lucky enough to receive an inside exclusive on the track!

“On 20th of July, we’ll be releasing a track called Infinitum. It’s one of our favorite productions so far and we did it together with the Aussie act, The Beamish Boys. It’s also going to be our first self-released tune so we’re really looking forward to how that goes – Abhinav

As their last hit remix continues to explode online, Revelries have a good feeling about their upcoming tracks and look towards an infinite future of possibilities – which is why we here at The Music Elk will be keeping a close eye on the pair’s ongoing success.

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