Lu & Sowlmate – Runaway Life (EP)

After weeks of hype, Munich based duo Lu & Sowlmate have finally released their debut EP ‘Runaway Life’ and we here at The Music Elk have it running on repeat!

The 4 track EP combines a chill-pop style with acoustic elements to deliver its own unique quality that sets it apart from most other summer tracks. Luis’ (Lu) gravelly and charismatic voice combined with Max’s (Sowlmate) crisp production and use of sound design are all blended in a message of escapism and the idea of finding freedom in loosing oneself. In keeping with this theme, Lu & Sowlmate’s single from the EP, also called ‘Runaway Life,’ is all about adventure and soul searching, while the official music video for ‘Runaway Life’ follows the story of 2 young renegades.

Lu and Sowlmate’s debut EP ‘Runaway Life’ is filled with the kind of chill-out, warm, easy-going vibes that make one instantly forget life’s everyday stresses and want to take off on a long road trip with no clear destination in mind.

Learn more about Lu & Sowlmate and their debut EP ‘Runaway Life’ in their exclusive interview with Soave.

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